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Niszczarka przemysłowa DIS 150/230


Based on proven technology, the intimus DIS 150/230 disintegrator is perfectly adapted for the reliable and economical shredding of paper and plastics in the form of paper documents, printed valuables such as banknotes or passports, magnetic media such as plastic cards or floppy disks as well as optical media such as CDs or DVDs.

The higher the security requirements, the smaller the particles the material must be shredded into. With conventional shredder technology, this means that the cutting shafts become more and more delicate and thus are also more prone to damage and wear. The DIS 150/230 meets the current trend to higher security requirements for industrial users and the demand for the highest security for governmental locations and banknote printing works at high throughput rates.

  • Security level determinable through screen mesh diameter; DIN levels 3 to 7
  • Clearly arranged operating panel
  • Solid sheet steel housing with evacuation from hopper
  • 230 mm feed opening; suitable for all standard computer formats and DIN format A4
  • Long life time: Knifes can be re-sharpened several times
  • Service-friendly through easy access milling chamber





DIS 150/230
Wymiary ścinki
Szerokość wejścia
230 x 150 mm
Klasa bezpieczeństwa DIN66399
Jednorazowy wsad

Szybkość cięcia

Niszczy również
400 V
Głośność pracy
70 dBA
53 x 90 x 124 cm
230 kg