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Niszczarka przemysłowa do nośników danych intimus FlashEX


Destruction of flash media at the workplace, without the risk of external loss or theft.

This unique product has standard power requirements, unlike most industrial shredding and data destruction products which require high voltage wiring, as well as a dedicated operating area due to noise and dust. The intimus FlashEx is a „plug and play” product that can be used in a standard office environment.

The FlashEx has a specially designed solid cutting head which grabs media devices with specially designed claw like cutting cylinders and pulls them into the unit. It automatically reverses itself when it encounters thicker material, then resume the shred process until the item is totally destroyed, producing 0.16 x 0.6″ (4 x 15mm) shred particles.

The FlashEx features an auto safety feed opening, ensuring operator safety while allowing them to monitor the destruction process through the viewing window. The i-control operation unit guarantees ease of use, providing full control to the operator.

The intimus FlashEx is the only safe and reliable way to destroy your digital media devices and the sensitive data they contain in the workplace in real time, rather than having to store it indefinitely or waiting for a third-party service to pick it up, significantly increasing the potential for data theft.

  • Destroys SSD drives, smartphones, mobile phones, mini-tablets, and USB sticks.
  • Can shred up to 100 mobile phones or 500 USB thumb drives per day.
  • Produces shred particles measuring 0.16 x 0.6 inches (4x15mm).
  • Quiet operation allows for use even in office environments.


Wymiary ścinki
4 x 15 mm
Szerokość wejścia
165 mm
Pojemność kosza
30 l
Klasa bezpieczeństwa DIN66399
O-3/ T-4**/ E-3
Szybkość cięcia

ok. 100 telefon komórkowy (szt./h)

ok. 500 pamięć USB (szt./h)

Niszczy również
230 V
Głośność pracy
65 dBA
580 x 610 x 980
116 kg