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Demagnetyzer Intimus 20000 Auditor-Pro


During degaussing, magnetic data carriers are flooded with a very strong magnetic field. The magnetic force of the hard disk, the coercivity, is thereby far exceeded. This short and strong pulse deletes the data irrevocably.

The intimus 20000 S degausser is the ultimate in data destruction power. It completely erases all data from any hard disk or magnetic tape at 20,000 gauss in under 15 seconds. It comes with the Auditor-Pro system to create an audit-worthy media destruction report as you degauss.

Physical destruction of hard drives leaves data behind (i.e. shredding, crushing, piercing, bending). Degaussing is the only way to eliminate all data on the disc platters of hard drives or from magnetic tapes. After degaussing, physical destruction using the intimus Crusher gives visual confirmation that the hard drive has been securely processed and is ready for disposal.

The NSA has evaluated the intimus 20000 S Degausser and placed it on the NSA Evaluated Products List.

The NSA has evaluated the 20000 S Degausser and found that it fulfills their requirements for securely disposing of Top Secret and above classified information. It utilizes standard power supply and is quiet and clean, allowing for drive disposal work to be performed in a typical office environment without disruption.







20000 S
Pole magnetyczne
20,000 Gauss (2 Tesla)
Czas cyklu
15 s
  • Dyski twarde (HDD)*: Laptop, standardowe i sieciowe dyski w górę do 32 mm (1,25 cala) wysokości

  • Taśmy magnetyczne: LTO (1, 2, 3, 4), SuperDLT I i II, DLT, AIT, 2590 Seria 8 mm i inne

Wydajność (dysk twardy/h)
  • do 1300 (1,8 cala)

  • do 875 (2,5 cala)

  • do 150 (3,5 cala)

Intimus Auditor-Pro (w zestawie)
Rozładowanie pojemnościowe
Praca ciągła
90 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Szuflada na nośniki wymiarowe
108 x 149 x 32 mm
248 x 740 x 490 mm
48 kg
1 rok