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Demagnetyzer Intimus 8000S


During degaussing, magnetic data carriers are flooded with a very strong magnetic field. The magnetic force of the hard disk, the coercivity, is thereby far exceeded. This short and strong pulse deletes the data irrevocably. Degaussing is characterized above all by the simple operation and minimal space requirements, which also allows for its use in an office environment.

The intimus 8000 S degausser is made with the same high quality components as our other products. This compact, lightweight degausser generates a 10,000 gauss magnetic field to permanently erase all data from hard drives and magnetic tape in 8 seconds.

Physical destruction of hard drives leaves data behind (i.e. shredding, crushing, piercing, bending). Degaussing is the only way to eliminate all data on the disc platters of hard drives or from magnetic tapes. After degaussing, physical destruction using the intimus Crusher gives visual confirmation that the hard drive has been securely processed and is ready for disposal.







Pole magnetyczne
10000 Gauss, 1 Tesla
Czas cyklu
8 s
Dyski twarde HDD: Laptop, standardowe i sieciowe dyski w górę do 32 mm (1,25 cala) wysokości
Wydajność (dysk twardy/h)
  • do 1920 (1.8 cala)
  • do 960 (2.5 cala)
  • do 240 (3.5 cala)
Intimus Auditor-Pro (opcjonalnie)
Rozładowanie pojemnościowe
Praca ciągła
Maksymalny rozmiar nośnika
108 x 149 x 32 mm
90 - 250 V / 50 - 60 Hz
15 kg
1 rok