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Demagnetyzer Intimus 9000 Auditor-Pro


During degaussing, magnetic data carriers are flooded with a very strong magnetic field. The magnetic force of the hard disk, the coercivity, is thereby far exceeded. This short and strong pulse deletes the data irrevocably.

The intimus 9000 S degausser is fast and powerful. In just 3 seconds, it completely erases all data from any hard disk or magnetic tape at 10,000 gauss. All common media formats can be fed via the extra-large media tray.

Why is it so fast?
  1. The degauss cycle is automatically initiated as soon as the medium is inserted into the chamber
  2. 3 seconds later the medium is demagnetized
  3. The preloading process starts immediately when the demagnetized medium is released down the exit slide
  4. When the device is switched off, the precharged energy is released
Documenting destruction of digital data is integral to ensuring security and privacy.

The intimus Auditor-Pro system generates a proof-of-erasure and destruction certificate for audit and archival purposes with date, time, user ID, serial number and JPG images of media after demagnetization.

A 1 terabyte hard drive may have as many as 71 million files saved on it. Hard drives by design are very robust, and their data is extraordinarily difficult to remove to such a degree where it is completely unrecoverable.

Companies are being compelled to improve their record keeping because of standardized cyber security protocols; each phase of the life of media such as hard drives and data tapes is subject to review and audit. Compliant companies and governmental agencies should have asset management, asset sanitization and disaster preparedness plans in place to account for the staggering amount of data that is collected and retained.


9000 S
Pole magnetyczne
10,000 Gauss (1 Tesla)
Czas cyklu
3 s
  • Dyski twarde (HDD)*: laptopy, standardowe i sieciowe dyski w górę do 43 mm (1,7 cala) wysokości

  • Taśmy magnetyczne: wszystkie LTO, wszystkie DLT, 3490, 9940, 3592, AIT i inni

Wydajność dyskowa (dysk twardy/h)
  • do 1300 (1.8 cala)
  • do 875 (2.5 cala)
  • do 150 (3.5 cala)
Intimus Auditor-Pro (w zestawie)
Rozładowanie pojemnościowe
Praca ciągła
95 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Wymiar media tacy
114 x 149 x 43 mm
Wymiar ze zjeżdżalnią wyjściową
578 x 329 x 480 mm
Wymiary tacy na media
114 x 149 x 43 mm
27 kg